Whether contacting council, talking to neighbors, or responding to comments about BSL we want to ensure we are all using the same talking points which are outlined below.

Speak factually and calmly. PLEASE avoid comparisons of pitties to human suffering/racism, guns/weapons, and the villanization of other breeds of dog.

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1. BSL is not based on science: 
​There are zero scientific, peer-reviewed studies that conclude that any one breed or dog type is "inherently more dangerous" than any other breed. 

​2. BSL addresses irrelevant factors:
A dog's physical appearance is determined by less than 1% of its genes. So appearance-based bans like BSL completely ignore the other 99% of an individual dog's overall traits and characteristics that are more relevant to influence a dog's probability of being dangerous. 

3. BSL does not address significant factors for public safety. Preventable factors related to irresponsible ownership are the primary cause for the majority of dog bite-related fatalities and breed is not a factor. BSL does nothing to address the relevant and most significant factors that are scientifically linked to serious dog bite-related incidents such as a dog's history of negative behavior, previous bite-related incidents, and factors related to irresponsible ownership.

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Please do NOT...

Compare BSL to racism. We love dogs tremendously, but the comparison diminishes the struggle our BIPOC community face. 

Compare pitties to guns. They are dogs, not weapons. 

Villainize other dogs to make pitties "less scary". We want NO breed banned. 

Engage in "well one time my cousin said" type stories. We have loaded you with facts here from reputable, scientific, peer-reviewed sources. This is solid research and science, not hearsay. 

Cajole, force or inappropriately encourage someone to engage with your pittie if they are uncomfortable doing so. Keep a respectful distance, keeo

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that some dogs, pitties and otherwise, don't like other dogs, don't like some people, don't like some situations and THAT IS OK. Dogs are individuals. What we are about is that their humans acknowledge their limitations and preferences and advocate for them to live safely (for the sake of the dog and humans)