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Help us succeed in making life better for our dogs and humans!

Whether it's writing letters, walking dogs, making phone calls, community outreach, social media, political growth, donations, or stepping up at an event-- whatever your strength and interest, we can use you on our team! 

PB Proud is a decentralized group. Everyone is allowed the agency to take on any project that they have the time, resources, or interest in working on.

Please click the link to send us an email with details of how you want to be involved and we will reply within 72 hours to initiate a conversation.

Volunteer: Service


If you don't see a place you fit in, but are still interested, please always still apply and let us know what you're interested in doing!

  • Driving

    • Supplies from one location to another

    • Dogs to or from events

    • Transport of supplies

    • Help with transport of dogs for fosters

  • Fundraising

    • Emailing/calling potential donors

    • Helping PB Proud at Fundraising and Social Events

    • Organizing donations for silent auctions at events

    • Updating and promoting merchandise on website and at events

  • Helping PB Proud at Community Outreach Events

  • Social Justice / DEI
  • Writing

  • Spanish Translation/Interpretation

  • ASL Translation/Interpretation

  • Social Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Community Organizing (during election season):

    • Door Knocking with Candidates

    • Phone Banking with Candidates

    • Helping out as a poll worker

    • Volunteering with candidates

    • Sharing & reposting social media posts

    • Contacting county residents to schedule calls/emails to council members

Volunteer: Text


Please note: we are a separate entity and unaffiliated with the PG shelter.

We are often asked about volunteering at the PG shelter so we have put a link to the application.

Volunteer: Text
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