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We are a group of PG residents & volunteers working to repeal BSL and keep people and their pets together.

Our mission is to repeal the breed specific legislation (BSL or "pit bull ban") in Prince George's County, Maryland and guide the responsible integration of the banned dogs back into our community in a safe manner.

Since we began, dogs labeled at pit-bulls are able to leave the shelter and be adopted to residents in other counties. There is still a long way to go!

What We Do:

  • Community Education, Outreach & Events

  • Share Low Cost Resources for Pet Owners

  • Advocate for Informed & Responsible Pet Ownership

  • Aim to Keep Pets in Their Homes

  • Assist Local Shelters, Rescues, Fosters & Adopters

  • Create Relationships with Local Policy & Lawmakers to Overturn BSL

  • Provide Community Support

About Us: About Us


We are made up entirely of volunteers, both PG residents and non-residents. Our team consists of experienced and informed folks of many disciplines, including: shelter operations, responsible dog ownership, dog behavior, community support, diversity equity & inclusion, foster and adoption, veterinary practices, creative design, and local & national policies.

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