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Stories and Experiences from PG People

Real People & Pitties: Causes

Jeremy W.

"As a member of the USAF, I was permitted to put my own life on the line for this country-- that wasn't too dangerous, but having my beautiful, sweet dog on base was considered too much of a danger. We always avoided this by living off-base. When I was stationed at Andrews, the insult doubled. I could not even live off-base with my dog. For my entire time stationed at Andrews (located in PG county) my wife kept our residence in TX, because giving away a family member is not an option. BSL in PG stole years of my marriage."


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Please use this section to tell us all about your pittie, BSL or when you first met a pit. Did your mind change? Did you always know how magical most of these velvet land hippos are? Share it here.

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