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Keep in mind there are many of different enrichment, and these are just some of them. You may have to experiment to find the one(s) your dog likes best. Successful enrichment should provide entertainment, but not frustration. If your dog is losing interest, you may need to try a different toy/type or what type of food or treats you are using.


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Favorite Enrichment Ideas from our Followers:

- flirt pole

- parkour

- sniffy decompression walk ("sniffari")

- nose work (hide and find)

- hide and seek

- drive with windows down

- roll up treats/kibble in a towel

- diy recycling puzzle with newspaper, boxes, tp rolls etc.

- indoor fetch

- frozen lickimat/westpaw toppler/kong

- treat dispensing toy

- snuffle mat/scatter feeding

- puzzle toy

- kiddie pool

- push ups (sit & down)

- destroy something (plush toy, cardboard, iceberg lettuce head)

- up and down stairs

- automatic feeder

- trick training

- natural chew like a beef hide chip

Enrichment: Take Action
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