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One of the unfortunate results of breed stereotypes, misinformation, fear-based ignorance and irresponsible ownership is breed-specific legislation (BSL).  BSL is a limited, single-factor, appearance-based approach. Since 1996, PG county has imposed a legal ban on "pitbull type dogs" based only on their appearance, regardless of a dog's behavior or responsible ownership. 

BSL is ineffective, costly, flaw-filled and does not enhance public safety. 

We support breed neutral legislation; a comprehensive, multifactorial, behavior-based approach which addresses all potentially dangerous dogs, all irresponsible owners, and all unsafe dog-related situations - regardless of a dog's appearance or breed. 

BSL is a national trend in decline. Less than 4% of US cities use BSL with 64 cities repealing their ineffective BSL since 2018 alone. Let's make PG County next! 

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