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On April 27, DOE Andrea Crooms had a community conversation with Councilmember Dernoga (D1 and voted against repeal in 2019) and made pro-repeal statements. Since we take our victories where we can, we are happy to hear these and will hold her accountable on her plans to make the shelters safer and more humane.

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2022 is an election year. So while we need to keep continuous pressure on this council and the council members elect who will have the power to change these laws when they are seated. 
It is time to make BSL something they make go away!

Please be polite, respectful and use our talking points when contacting the representatives.

District 1 and Council Chair

Mr. Dernoga voted AGAINST repeal of BSL in 2019. 

Email Mr. Dernoga and encourage him to repeal BSL due to it being wasteful of our tax dollars, law enforcement efforts and animal control staff time. ​



District 6 and Council Vice Chair

Ms. Blegay is the newly elected representative for district 6. She has stated she is open to making the laws less discriminatory and promoting breed neutral laws instead. Please encourage her to continue using her common sense and drive to do what is right to change our laws. 



D2 Council

Ms. Fisher is the newly elected council member for district 2. She has not expressed a stance on breed specific legislation.



D3 Council

Mr. Olson is the newly elected council member for district 3. He has not taken a stance on breed specific legislation.


D4 Council

Ms. Watson is the newly elected D4 representative. She has not voiced an opinion on breed specific legislation.


District 5

Ms. Ivey voted AGAINST repeal of BSL in 2019. She indicated that the public should have more chances to weigh in on this matter and reports that she has "heard from people who want to lift the ban: I've heard from people who not only want to keep the ban, they want it more strongly enforced..."

Email Ms. Ivey and discuss how breed neutral dangerous dog laws are already on the books in PG. Note that enforcing those laws works in other communities across the nation to make the community safer, lower dog bites, dog-fighting and the crime that always accompanies it, and would fulfill the wishes of all her constituents! 



D7 Council

Ms. Oriadha is the newly elected council member for district 7. She has stated her support in gaining community support to alter laws to be more breed neutral and increase safety.


District 8

Mr. Burroughs is the District 8 representative.

Mr. Burroughs is young, smart, driven and wants to see this county improve. Email Mr. Burroughs asking him to repeal this law which has been ineffective since it's creation in 1997. 



District 9

Mr. Harrison was one of the loudest voices in support of BSL repeal. He questioned its effectiveness and financial impacts. 

Mr. Harrison should be commended for his support of repeal in 2019 and encouraged to continue the efforts this cycle.



Member at Large

Mr. Hawkins voted against the repeal of BSL in 2019. 



Member at Large

Mr. Franklin voted against repeal of BSL in 2019 based on his "sense that pitbulls are very dangerous dogs." 

The PG county taxpayers would prefer Mr. Franklin spend our money in ways proven factually correct, not based on his feelings. 

Mr. Franklin is a member of the Health, Human Services and Public Safety Committee. (as well as Education and Workforce Development and the General Assembly)


County Executive

As the leader of this county, the honorable Ms. Alsobrooks has the ability to encourage the repeal of this ban. 

Email her and discuss all the ways this ban is a waste of money, law enforcement powers, animal control officer time and that the entire community benefits from the repeal of BSL and the enforcement of dangerous dog laws already in existence. 


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