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She has the power to enforce the ban, or not, without any other Council action.

Angela Alsobrooks has historically been clear that she supports the ban and fears losing her senior voters by repealing it. The ban prevents Prince George's County residents from having access to much needed animal services, funding and a safer community. She ignores the science and decades of evidence showing breed neutral laws are safer and more cost effective. She is running for Senate to represent all of Maryland while continuing to uphold wastefeul and discriminatory laws. Email Angela Alsobrooks and let her know we will not vote for anyone who supports these laws.

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We need to keep continuous pressure on this council and the council members elect who will have the power to change these laws when they are seated. 
It is time to make BSL something they make go away!

A unified message is very important right now. Click the links below for pre-drafted emails, or use this template. Adjust as needed, but PLEASE ensure you remain factual and polite.

District 5 and Council Chair

Member at Large and County Executive Candidate

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