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We work hard and know the only way to successful repeal of BSL and healing of the pit reputation is by engaging the community. Here is the gallery of local news coverage and articles.

Beltsville woman sues Prince George’s Co. over pit bull ban.

Lawsuit takes on pit bull ban in Prince George’s County.
Filed in July, the suit claims that the decades-old county ordinance is discriminatory, unconstitutional and not based in science

Dog owners challenge Prince George’s pit bull ban in federal court.

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Public Statement on the Current Lawsuit:

The primary mission of PB Proud is to keep people and their pets together. PB Proud does not have a formal membership system, but is supported by and represents the interests of community members who are discriminated against because their dogs are labeled as or mistaken for “pit bulls”. We are a group of humans that are passionate about providing support for all current and future pet owners. 

Our most urgent priority is to repeal the breed-specific legislation in Prince George’s County (aka the “pit bull ban”) and guide the responsible integration of the banned dogs back into our community in a safe manner. BSL is ineffective, archaic, misinformed, and rooted in racism. It removes great dogs from their homes, and leaves residents powerless over their own family members. PG residents have left as a result, and it is an expensive and ineffective use of taxpayer money that has not been shown to improve community safety or even lower dog bites. 

We firmly believe that if you care about pets you have to care about people. PB Proud supports, improves, and encourages enforcement of breed-neutral dangerous dog and responsible ownership laws. We strive to help increase the joy of dog ownership through community education and outreach, connecting residents to low/no cost vet care, spay/neuter programs, training, enrichment, and helping meet basic dog care needs in times of crisis. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has the same access to pets and that every pet has access to a safe and comfortable home.

The lawsuit that Richard Rosenthal is bringing is directly aligned with our values and is an attempt to right the various wrongs that are occurring on a daily basis. 

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